Justin Farr-Jones

Justin Farr-Jones has been active in the global private equity, credit and portfolio management realm working with a variety of companies at a board level for over 14 years.

Farr-Jones is currently the Managing Director of Acura Capital Advisors headquartered in Mauritius.

Acura Capital is an advisory and investment group specialized in global private equity, credit and real estate with a focus on Emerging Markets. . They also contribute to the urbanization movement in this region with their real estate investments in Kenya. Acura Capital’s positive influence in the community continues with an established agricultural presence in Ukraine with a heavy focus on black earth.

Previously, Farr-Jones was  Executive Director of Renaissance Partners Limited where he managed part of the firms emerging markets portfolio as well as oversaw both client and company investments. Farr-Jones was also responsible for special situations investments for the Renaissance Africa Fund. He is passionate about development of human capital and companies in Africa and emerging markets.

 Justin was also appointed Chairman of Beacon Hill, a distressed investment  in natural resources and led its efforts to turnround.

Farr-Jones was previously a Founding Partner at Clearbrook Capital Partners. Clearbrook Capital is a London-based private equity firm which specializes in specialty finance, finance, infrastructure, property and asset management.

Justin Farr-Jones has also previously worked with WestLB Principal Finance, Barclays Capital and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Farr-Jones holds a B.A. in Financial Services from Nottingham Business School.